Sunday, January 23, 2011

New article on the SQL Azure 'Houston' Project

 Read this 'How-to' article on the Packt Site.

The 'Houston' project was one of the incubation projects of the windows Azure cloud services. This project has entered into production and you will find it in the new Windows Azure Portal ( All New services can be accessed from the 'Ribbon' under Common Tasks.


This article is about the 'Houston' project when it was still in incubation. You can still access the labs portal( In this article some of the features of this web based tool as well as how carry out few of the basic tasks are described. Houston project provided the following basic database management tasks:

•Authoring and executing queries
•Designing and editing database schema
•Editing table data

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Free SQL Azure Book.

My latest book on SQL Azure (details below) covers comprehensively all aspects of Microsoft's relational database on the Windows Azure Platform. If you are interested in getting a free copy of the book all you need to do is to enter your email and mailing address (send them to with subject line text - SQL Azure Book) to a raffle organized by my publisher. Two lucky winners will be picked from the first 50 who respond, the first winner will be getting a hard-copy and the second getting an eBook version. You are not required to do anything else, but I do appreciate if you would let me know through email what you think about it (the good,the bad and the ugly). If you have a blog/website kindly put up a book link there and if you are the reviewing type please get in touch with Sunil Chakravarthy (

Thank you

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No connection to SQL Server Compact from Microsoft SQL Server 2011

There appears to be no way to connect to SQL Server Compact using the SSMS installed with SQL Server 2011 (Denali). There is however a menu item that indicates that one should be able to connect but it stops there. This menu item when chosen does not provide a SQL Compact Editor icon which used to be available in earlier versions.

The !sorry Mozilla you could not show this (Firefox Version 3.6.13.)!  button (the last item in the drop-down list) in the 'Connect to Server' window used to have an opening to the file system to find the SQL Server Compact files if there were any. But this not possible as you can only browse for servers and not files in the new SSMS.

What is the latest MySQL Version available?

The latest version for Windows (x86) version of MSI installer can be found here: ...