Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SQL Server Database Project with SSDT

SQL Server Developer Tool also known as SSDT is a new Microsofft Tool debuting with Denali which is in CTP3. You need to install 'Juneau' to take advantage of this tool in Visual Studio. My previous post did not use the SQL Server Database project which was targeting DENALI but only previous versions. LocalDB is a feature of Denali which is to SQL Server as Cassini (the localhost in Visual Studio web applications) is to IIS.
Visual Studio 2010 does support LocalDB provided the new SQL Server Developer Tool (SSDT) is installed. After installing SSDT you need to create a SQL Server Database project as shown.

The SQL Server Database that is used within the project is the LocalDB. Here you can call up the table designer using Add Table as shown.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

LocalDB table design in VS 2010 SP1

LocalDB is a feature of Denali CTP3 SQL Server Express. While you can connect to LocalDB, a file based database file, the designer data designer which is invoked from Data | Add New shown below does not support creating objects in SQL Server versions beyond SQL Server 2008 within the VS 2010.

It is interesting however; one can create database objects in SQL Server Express 2011 (presently Denali CTP3 Express) as seen in this image.

One can conclude therefore that VS 2010 SP1 needs some kind of upgrade before it can provide UI support for designing database objects in LocalDB.


The LocalDB has to be created directly in the application that uses the application instance of this database and not via the the connection in the Server Explorer.

Note added 9/14/2011
The upgrade that is needed is to install SSDT with the present code name 'JUNEAU'

Friday, September 2, 2011

SQL Express 2011 on the horizon

Presently it is Denali CTP3 Express from none other than Microsoft. A lightweight edition of Denali CTP3 which will eventually be released as SQL Server 2011 Express (I guess) like the other express editions of this great software. This is a 'made for web developers and asp.net developers" edition and make sure you download and enjoy working with it.
From the MSDN link here, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/hh230763.aspx you can download Denali CTP3 Express edition which takes you to https://www.microsoft.com/betaexperience/pd/SQLDENEXPPRE/enus/ where you can make your choices as to version and language. Of course you need to register. The options are the same and one of the choices includes the tools as well.
The top features from the MSDN site are copied over here:
• Same database engine as other versions of SQL Server.
• Supports 10 GB of storage per database.
• Backup and restore with ease.
• Compatible with all editions of SQL Server and SQL Azure.
• Designed to work with Visual Studio and ASP.NET.
• Available with a graphical management tool.
• Offers reporting capabilities, full-text search, and spatial support.
What else do you need to test drive exccept the will?

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