Thursday, June 28, 2018

Usage of TREEMAP data visualization in Power BI

A treemap represent an entity of items in a rectangle where each item occupies a rectangle and all entities are inside the single rectangle( not unlike a map of a state containing all the counties, a map unlike treemap is not in a rectangle).

This is supported visualization type in Power BI.


I am using the data from this post  of filtered sales by employees in the Northwind database on SQL Server 2016 using a direct query.

On a new page, click treemap under visualization to add the treemap to the page as shown,


Drag fields LastName and UnitPrice to the treemap and the treemap changes as shown. Each rectangle now corresponds to an employee with its area in proportion to the sales made by the employee.


You can add other formatting as shown

You can add Spotlight to the treemap using the Spotlight menu as shown.


You can also add tooltip in the Group page.


Enhancement to Donut / Pie chart in June 5, 2018 BI Update

Again this feature is available in the June 5, 2018 update of Power BI.

Visual appeal is really important and Power BI now supports labelling inside or outside the Donut and Pie charts.

We use the same data used in the previous example of controlling the inner radius of Donut control used in data visualization described in this post.

Here the labels are outside the Donut.

Here is how you make them move inside the Donut.

You can also have label's text to overflow if it is not contained.

Some labels inside and others outside.

Overflow set to Off.

In the same way PIE Charts are also handled.

Enhancement to Donut chart in June 5, 2018 Update of Power BI - 1

Visual appeal is everything for anything. It is also called eye candy, loosely put. It is aesthetics that matters.

For Donut charts this makes a big change. Now you can control the inner radius.

This is a new feature of June 5, 2018 update for Power BI. You need to install this version first before you follow this post.

Drag and drop a Donut Control to your page as shown.


Place check marks for the data in Query1 as shown.


Click Format shown here:


The default is Inner Radius=60%

The next two figures shows for 28% and 88% inner radii.

What is the latest MySQL Version available?

The latest version for Windows (x86) version of MSI installer can be found here: