Thursday, December 1, 2016

SQL Anywhere 17 Reports using Power BI

 Power BI is a great tool to turn out reports from many data sources. With OLE DB connector added in the October Update of Power BI it is quite easy to generate a report.

In this post I describe creating a report using data from the Financial Data (Group 0) of the sample database 'demo'

Step 1:
Connect to SQL Anywhere 17
Launch SQL Central and connect to Demo database

 Step 2:
Launch PowerBI and connect to SQL Anywhere 17 Demo database using a OLE DB connection. Make sure to use the Advanced button to run the query as shown.

When you get the data in the Query Editor click Load.

The Financial Data gets loaded as shown.

Choose data fields as shown:


Choose the visualization as shown.


Drag Amount to Tooltips as shown.


Now when you hover over the graph you get to see the tool tip. The repeated data is because Amount is both in Value and Tooltips fields.


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