Saturday, December 14, 2013

Query Designer in SQL Server 2012 Express

 Running queries is one of the basic tasks that you undertake. You have two options in SQL Server 2012 Express (also in all other versions), use T-SQL and execute the statements in the query pane of SQL Server 2012 or use the query designer. You will be able to design the query in the designer but you will not be able to execute inside the designer. Once you design the query in the editor the T-SQL code that gets generated is copied to the query pane. Once the T-SQL code is in the pane you can execute (using the Toolbar item EXECUTE(!) to run the query

There are two ways you can bring up the query designer

Step 1. Open a Query pane by right clicking either the Server Node or right clicking one
of the user databases as shown.


Step 2. Once the query pane is open, click inside the query pane. The main menu
to display the Query menu item as shown.


Step 3.Click Query menu item to display a drop-down list and click on Design Query in Editor or Ctrl+Shift+Q

This should bring up the designer as shown.

Step 3b. Another way is to right click inside the query pane and choose Design Query in Editor as before.


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