Sunday, May 18, 2014

Create a Windows Azure Mobile Service and its SQL Database buddy at the same time

It is incredibly easy to add a backend to your connected client application using Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMS).

With WAMS you can provide a secure and scalable backend to power your apps not only on Windows but many other platforms such as iOS, Android etc. Storing data and authenticating users is effortless and you can even send push notifications. As to programming languagges you can use Node.JS or C#.

There are several data storage options
as well, on-premises or Azure SQL Satabase, blob storage, table storage and MongoDB.

Steps you need to follow to create a mobile service.
To get started you should sign up and get yourself an Windows Azure account and enable Mobile Services feature on Windows Azure.

This following procedure assumes you have an account with Windows Azure.

Login to the Management Portal.

When you click on Mobile Services you will see that you have no Mobile Service

Now you will create one.

You want something free (I presume).  As a part of the service you will be creating a new server and a SQL Database. You can choose to create a free 20 MB SQL database. I think it is still not available at all datacenters.

If you already have a Azure SQL database you can choose that database instead of creating a new one. Here the West US region is chosen. You can have the backend language to be Javascript or .NET. Here Javascript is chosen.

Click on the arrow a the bottom right which takes you to the database settings for the NEW MOBILE SERVICE as shown.

Enter the details as shown. The SERVER LOGIN NAME and SERVER LOGIN PASSWORD are yours to choose, but passowrd has to be strong (1 number, 1 special charactr, not less than eight charactrs etc). You can place a check mark for CONFIGURE ADVANCED DATABASE SETTINGS.

You can go back and change settings using the arrow (appropriate ) or go to the next page of the wizard.

Your collation can also be chosen. Here the default is accepted. This is a free database but if you want to change the size or settings, you may have to pay.

Click on the OK icon and your mobile service is pronto as shown.

The URL is being created and it will take some time. In a relatively short time you will have established a mobile service on the Windows Azure platform and a backend SQL database to use.

Well my mobile service was up and running in no time at all.

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