Sunday, January 25, 2015

Learn Querying SQL Server 2012 using LinqPad - Part 4 Stored Procedures_2

In Learn Querying SQL Server 2012 using LinqPad - Part 3 we considered a stored procedure, albeit simple which did not have any output parameters.  LinqPad can also be used for evaluating stored procedures with an out put parameter. Make sure you review Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Let us modify the stored procedure in Part 3 so that the FullName of a Person is returned from the stored procedure as shown here.

Create Procedure PPFull
@fname nvarchar(10),
@lname nvarchar(20),
@fullname nvarchar(25) OUTPUT


Select @fullname=FirstName+','+Lastname from Person.person
Where FirstName=@fname and LastName=@lname

Note that @fullname varible is declared as an OUTPUT Parameter.

This can be executed in SQL Server Management Studio as shown.

The same can be executed in LinqPad as shown here.

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