Friday, December 25, 2015

SQL Server Database files on Microsoft Azure

Hybrid cloud scenarios bring on premises data and Azure cloud together by integration provided by the hybrid features.

SQL Server 2014 has the features that allow you to create the hybrid cloud to move at your pace from on premises to the cloud.

Supporting the placement of your on premises data files as Azure storage Blobs has many advantages besides cost considerations:

Easy and fast migration benefits:
  • Use Attach/Detach to move databases between machines
Storage Benefits
  • Excellent and limitless Azure Blob Storage
  • Inexpensive and high availability of storage
  • Disaster recovery including geo-locations
  • Built-in manageability resulting in lowered cost
Security Benefits:
  • Encrypt all data on public cloud using Transparent Data Encryption certificates stored locally
Snapshot backup
  • Snapshot backup helps near instantaneous backups and quicker restores
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