Sunday, May 15, 2016

Install SQL Server Managment Studio 2016 Preview and get ready

This release of SSMS uses the Visual Studio 2015 Isolated shell and available in 11 languages.
The version number for this latest preview is: 13.0.14000.36

Here is the download lnk:

Here are major highlights including many bug fixes described in download site:
  • Improvement in the SSMS installer - to add human-readable error messages.
  • Improvement in the Stretch database wizard - to add support for predicates.
  • Improvement in the Always Encrypted Powershell commandlet - to add key encryption APIs.
  • Bug fix in the SSMS toolbar - to turn off IntelliSense if it has been disabled in the Tools > Options dialog.
  • Improvements and bug fixes in the Showplan comparison user interface - to reduce the spacing used by long query plans.
  • Numerous bug fixes in SSMS - to fix issues that caused SSMS to crash when exiting.
It takes a quite a bit of time to download (SSMS-Setup-enu, 834992KB) . When you run the application this is the first message you will get

Here are some screen shots of installation:

It takes quite a bit of time.

SSMS 2016 RC is an App in Windows 10

PowerShell Pro Tools is a Visual Studio Community 2017 extension that you can try free

I see there is at least one extension, PowerShell Pro Tools that you can download. You can find it in the Visual Studio Community 2017...