Thursday, June 2, 2016

Download SQL Server 2016 Developer here or Visit Virtual Labs

In my previous post, I had mentioned that SQL Server 2016 Developer will be available at the end of year. However, SQL Server Developer 2016 is available at this site here beginning 5/31/2016 .

You can download x64 bit version for English language here;

 Here is a picture of the download site page:

It is possible for me to download as I have a couple of Microsoft Products already for which I have subscribed like, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. I have registered fro many other Microsoft Products over the years.

This is the file you would be downloading:

It is 2 GB and it can take quite sometime to download to your computer.

I also heard that MSDN subscribers can get immediate access to new Microsoft Products which are free.

In any case you would like to download access the link at the top.

Even if you do not download you can still train in SQL Server 2016 here at the Microsoft Virtual Labs for free.

For installation details go here.

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