Thursday, June 9, 2016

R Language items installed with SQL Server 2016

 R is supposed to be the most powerful language when it comes to statistical processing of a large amount of data; machine learning and graphics. It is open, that means world is the player. Microsoft got into R for these strengths but still there were challenges when it comes to volume of data and deployment scenarios. The open software was further tuned for SQL Server to include in Microsoft R Server.

The Microsoft R product consists of the following:
  • Microsoft R Server
  • Microsoft R Client
  • Microsoft R Open
  • SQL Server R Services
When you install SQL Server 2016 Developer you will be able to use the following:


Also in the SQL Server Installation Center you can install a stand-alone Microsoft R Server by clicking the link in the installation center, if for some reason you do not find the Microsoft R Server in your search.


After installing SQL Server 2016 Developer edition you should be able to find the R Server related folders/files here:


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