Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Power BI Report Server and Power BI Premium

From creating reports to distribute and consume them across devices using Power BI you can use the premium version. You publish reports to Power BI Report Server which is similar to Reporting Services report server to organize and manage access to reports and update when needed. With Power BI you can handle not only today's needs but also future shift to the Cloud.

Power BI report comes with Power  BI Premium. It became generally available last month. It costs a minimum of $625/month to embedd Power BI Premium into apps.

Get you free trial to check it out!

Power BI Report governance behind your on-premises reporting behind corporate firewall is made easy.Power BI is compatible with the Cloud.

"With Power BI apps, now in preview, you can easily deploy a collection of purpose-built dashboards and reports to a large number of business users and empower them to make data-driven decisions. "

How much does it cost to use Power BI?

Well. Microsoft has this online calculator to find out for yourself how mch it would cost.
Play with the app to estimate your cost.

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