Friday, June 15, 2012

Now SQL Server Reporting Services is on Azure

On June 13 Microsoft released the Windows Azure SQL Reporting. Now the name is official and replaces the SQL Azure Reporting Services. Here is a screen image from one of Microsoft's Advertisment.

Now developers can build reports on Azure using familiar tools such as BI Development Studio and SQL Server Data Tools. Creating reports will be no different from the way on-premises reports are authored. SQL Reporting on Azure provides consistent APIs for viewing, managing and executing reports. It also provides for rich formatting, data visualization and exporting reports in a variety of formats.

These features (Elastic scale and high availability; and secure access)t has already attracted customers to implement this service such as Fujitsu and Biobest (an agriculture based business).

The good news is it is free to use till August 1, 2012 after which you get charged. You need to have an account on Azure to utilize this service.

More details here:

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