Sunday, August 9, 2015

Connecting to SQL Server 2012 using PowerBI

Kindly follow this post to download PowerBI. Also read up on some of the related posts here and here.

I will be connecting to the Person.person table in AdventureWorks 2012 database on my named SQL Server 2012 instance RegencyPark shown here:


Launch PowerBI desktop to open the following:


Click GetData to see your popular options.


Click on SQL Server to open the SQL Server Database:


Enter the credentials as shown. Enter full name <computername/Instance name>. Database name is optional but if you already know the database name enter as shown here (by doing so one less step, perhaps). Click OK.


You can use Windows Authentication (as I am doing here as the current owner of the computer as used in the installation of the named instance.


Click Connect.


Read the encryption support message. Click OK. You are connected to the database. Click on the table Person.person.


Rock and Roll, you are ready to visualize.

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