Monday, October 26, 2015

Idera's PowerShell Plus is a good tool for SQL Server DBAs

This is a useful tool as it can make your life easy as a DBA.
This post shows how to install and configure the tool.

Download (25 MB) from Idera's website after registering and get the free tool. Get the tool to match your OS architecture (herein (x64) on a Laptop running Windows 10.

Extract files to a location of your choice and double click to begin installation.

This tool helps to:
  • Create Usefull other Tools
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks and save time
  • Supports multi-server automation
  • Monitoring, exporting/importing files
  • Create PowerShell SMO Scripts
  • Carry out compliance tasks

Configuring the tool
After downloading and running the program you may need to do some configuration.


Please configure as needed by clicking Next.

The first is the execution policy related. Here  unrestricted option chosen.


Click Next. Configuring Remoting Configurations is next. Not added here.


Click Next. Configuring SQL Server Connections is next


In the above, click Add Server to bring up SQL Server Configuration. Server Instance here is,

Hodentek8\RegencyPark with Windows Authentication. The ellipsis button does not (may not)  guide you to get the information.


Find server/instantce from SSMS or otherwise and enter. Server  gets added.

 Server  gets added.

Click Next. Next in line is Configuration of Email Settings


If you are an individual with an ISP, use the ISP provider information.


Click Test to verify, it works. Check email at the receiving end.

Finally the script execution warning note:


Summarizing with a summary of actions taken.


Click Finish. Now you have the PowerShellPlus UI to work with:


You get an app added to your All Apps menu in Windows 10.
Rock and Roll!

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