Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Installing SQL Server 2012 SP3 on Windows 10

Service pack SP3 for SQL Server 2012 fixes many of the bugs and adds other enhancements. The list is long, please go here for details.

Download your copy if SP3 executable from here:

When this executable is clicked the program begins to kick in with this initial window. SQL Server 2012 update checks the files.


Click Next brings in the License Agreement window.

After agreeing click Next.


Selected features for the only existing version of SQL Server 2012, the Regency Park instance.


This is the present version on this computer. Click Next.


The Check Files in Use command is processed. There were two files active, the Full text directory service and the WD Backup service. These were flagged during ‘Check files in USE’. These were stopped in Control Panel|…|Services window and clicked on the Refresh recheck.


Clicking Update begins the process of the upgrade.



The upgrade completed successfully. The next two windows shows the same window as above but scrolled to show more info.



The following changes were made to the program listing in the Control Panel.


After SP3 installation a configuration manager app gets added to All Apps on Windows 10

The version details are as follows:

Developer Edition

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