Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Problem connecting to SQL Anywhere 17 to Power BI using OLE DB

SQL Anywhere 17 is a relational database from SAP. The earlier editions were from the parent company Sybase.

SQL Anywhere 17 is a SAP database. The earlier editions were from the parent company Sybase.

Start SQL Central which is like SQL Server Management Studio for SQL Server and connect to SQL Anywhere Demo 17 database with credentials dba/sql.

Launch Power BI and click on Get Data and choose From OLE DB. Click on Build to open Data Link Properties as shown.


Choose SQL Anywhere OLE DB Provider 17 from the above drop-down.
Click Next. Provide User Name and Password and click allow saving password and browse to find the database demo. as shown


Click demo and click Test Connection.
This should display a success message as shown.


Click OK. The From OLE DB window gets filled as shown.


Again the Access a datasource using OLEDB Provider comes up as shown. Actually this UI needs to be better designed. The credentials were already entered in a previous wizard screen.


Again use the dba/sql password and click connect.

Looks like the Power BI does not accept the UI designed connection string


The connection string was created by Power BI after accepting valid entries. Looks like there is a problem.

 This is being looked into and come back to this site. The work around will be posted as soon as it is found.

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