Saturday, March 25, 2017

Importing a CSV file into SAP's SQL Anywhere 17 - Part 2

An error in import is corrected in this post.

In my previous post on the above I did not correctly associate the date related fields with the correct data type. The correct date and time related fields must be associated with the 'timestamp' field. This particular data type is not present in SQL Server which lead to this incorrect assumption.

In the following image you should scroll and find timestamp to associate with data type.

Once you do this association and follow through the wizard you end up with the correct result as shown.


You can check the following generated code in the Interactive SQL by steeping back on the query using the right and left arrows at the top.


CREATE TABLE "DBA"."FFD_Mar25_2" ("ProductName" varchar(254) NULL,"UnitPrice" smallmoney NULL,"Quantity" tinyint NULL,"OrderDate" timestamp NULL,"RequiredDate" timestamp NULL)

--  Generated by the Import Wizard
input into "DBA"."FFD_mar25" from 'F:\\FFDL.csv' format text escapes on escape character '\\' delimited by ',' encoding 'Cp1252' skip 1

I thank John Smirnios of

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