Monday, March 6, 2017

SQL Server PolyBase engines starts and stops in SQL Server 2016

In SQL Server 2016 you can connect to external data sources that includes the Hadoop clusters and Azure Blob Storage but you should have Polybase installed. SQL Server 2016 SP1 has PolyBase installed.

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According to documentation one can confirm whether Polybase is installed or, not by running the query:

SELECT SERVERPROPERTY ('IsPolybaseInstalled') AS IsPolybaseInstalled;

You should get 1 if it is installed, or 0 if it is not.

In the local installation of SQL Server 2016 SP1 on this machine neither of these results were obtained.

The statement was executed but a browser window opened looking for files of type .rpt.

There are 2 services with Polybase installation on SQL Server 2016 SP1.

SQL Server Polybase Engine (Instance Name)
SQL Server Polybase Data Movement(Instance name)

These are Windows services that you find in the Control Panel in the Services window. Both of them are present in the Control Panel.

Unless you start the engine the service will not be available as mentioned while describing the testing query.


Click Start to start the engine.
I get a message like this.


Try running the test for Polybase installation again. Looks like the query opens up a Save Results window and looking for .rpt files.


Perhaps this a bug or perhaps by design.

Trying to start the Polybase engine comes back with the message:


Updated the java version by downloading jdk-8u121-windows-x64-demos from Oracle site as correct Java SE version is one of the requirements.

You will find the answer from me when I find it.

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