Monday, April 17, 2017

Saving Power BI reports to SQL Server Report Server - Part 3

The readers of my posts Saving Power BI reports to SQL Server Report Server - Parts1 and  2
  might have been under the impression that any report created in Power BI can be hosted on the Report Server. I am partly to blame for this and I apologize. Let me correctly present what kinds of reports can be saved to what kind of report server. The other reason for the problem was created by the Power BI itself for giving the wrong guidance for the users. It must be changed.

The only kind of reports that can be saved to Report Server (in fact you are only saving it to the Web Portal URL) are the ones created with data from the Analysis Services server.

In order to save you need to configure a stand-alone Report Server whose database is stored not on a SQL Server 2016 but an earlier version. In my case I use the SQL Server 2012.

After you fulfill the above conditions then only you can host the report.

I was able to get the correct server by an answer to my question on

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