Saturday, July 15, 2017

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17.1 is generally available

SSMS Version 17.1 became available in June 2017 and you may want to downladd and install. This version will work with all editions of SQL Server so far (2018 to 2017). However some of the older applications written using older versions may still need older versions of SQL Server Management Studio.

Download the latest version of SQL Server Management Studio (version 17.1) here:

If you had had SSMS version 17.0, you may get a notification as to availability of version 17.1 which should facilitate installing the new version.

You need to restart after installing.

These are the enhancements in this version:

  • Profiler: Help > About now displays release version number (e.g 17.1)
  • Analysis Service users can refresh credentials for their datasources for 1200 TM models and above from the context menu on the datasource
  • Built-in SSIS reports now show logs from SSIS scale-out execution in CTP 2.1
  • SSIS scale-out management application
             View basic information about scale-out master.
             Easily add a Worker to the scale-out deployment.
             View all the scale-out workers and basic information about them, and can also enable or disable them easily.

This version will also have toast notifications when new updates are available. It also has a new stand alone web installer.

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