Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A quick note on writing PowerShell scripts - Part 1

PowerShell scripts are a sequence of PowerShell commands written one after another (executed in that order) using a text editor such as Notepad. The extension of a PowerShell script file is <filename>.ps1. The 1 ins ps1 has nothing to do with the version of PowerShell on your computer and you may have more than one in
your computer,

You also have the option of choosing which version you want to run

In addition to Notepad there are other dedicated script editors like,
and many others. For a complete listing follow this link:

In order to run a PowerShell script file you need to create a file with extension ps1 and then run
this script in Windows PowerShell or a similar programme.

In Part 2 you will learn writing a simple script file.

PowerShell Pro Tools is a Visual Studio Community 2017 extension that you can try free

I see there is at least one extension, PowerShell Pro Tools that you can download. You can find it in the Visual Studio Community 2017...