Friday, April 17, 2015

Can you use Windows Power Shell to find the login you created?

In the previous post you created a login and verified using SQL Server Management Studio but you can also use Windows PowerShell to verify it.
You can do it two-ways. Using Invoke-SQLCMD or use the SQL Server SQL provider -SQLPS

Here are the logins for my instance named PCATT on my laptop Hodentek\Win7 for whim the administrator.

I can use SQLPS after launching as follows:

Or I can invoke SQLCMD via Window PowerShell's Invoke as shown here with some sample output:

PS SQLSERVER:\> invoke-sqlcmd -ServerInstance '(local)\PCATT' -Query 'Select * from Sys.syslogins'| export-csv "C:\Users\Public\PCATTLogins"

The following is a cutout of the PCATTLogins text file on Notepad.


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