Friday, September 23, 2016

The latest update to SQL Server Management Studio does not really update

Most recent upgrade to SSMS was released.

Download the latest here (


New build is supposed to be this:
SQL Server Management Studio (16.4.1, build version 13.0.15900.1).

You probably had this version (13.0.15600.2) like I had.


The latest has some bug fixes as well as some new changes.

The link above gives access to the changelog links to issues fixed and new items or features.

These are new in this update:

New 'Read-SqlTableData', 'Read-SqlViewData', and 'Write-SqlTableData' cmdlets to view and write data using PowerShell.
Trello Read-SqlTableData Card
Microsoft Connect item #2685363

New 'Add-SqlLogin' cmdlet to enable new login management scenarios using PowerShell.
Microsoft Connect item #2588952

I downloaded and executed the downloaded program. I saw the usual splash screen such as this one:

After restarting it takes a while to finish the uploading and completing. I am in no great hurry but for a busy shop this is some what of a problem.

But after all this the program has not made any change to SSMS. This is what I see in the SSMS  | About after upgrading.

The build version should have been this:
build version 13.0.15900.1
but it is still the old one, 13.0.15600.2

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