Thursday, October 13, 2016

Starting and stopping a SQL Server using Services Control Manager

SC is a command line program for communicating with the Service Control (SC) Manager and Services. This can be used to start and stop a service including SQL Server.

Typing SC at command line (preferably with administrative privileges) will give you the details of this command.


The syntax for using SC is:
        Service Control Manager and services.
        sc <server> [command] [service name] <option1> <option2>...

In this post we will just start and stop the SQL Server 2016 instance  and monitor it on the Task Manager.

The Service Name for the SQL Server Instance (OHANA) can be found by looking at the  details of SQL Server Instance (OHANA) in the Services window in Control Panel shown here:


To start the SQL Server instance just type in the command



The Server has started. Bring up the Task Manager as shown and verify it has started. Note that the PID is the same.


Now that the Server is running we can stop it by running the following command:



Verify it has stopped in Task Manager.


Starting and stopping using SC does not produce windows messages that you get while using Control Panel|..|Services. Using Task Manager you do not need to refresh window to see changes.

It is possible to use parameters to start a service as well.

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